Content creation is a big passion of mine and a huge part of my program and work. I have experience creating content such as graphics for digital and social media, print designs for posters, copywriting/ blogging, articles for intranet (internal communications), video production, etc. 

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I have experience from work, school, and personal life creating content with the tools above: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, and the web graphics tool Canva. 

CONTENT marketing plan development

In the third year of the AMC program in our Content Marketing course, we were tasked with creating a content marketing plan for a brand of our choice. I chose the multi-national makeup brand Sephora. My content marketing plan for Sephora (see PDF attached) includes user-generated content, social media contests, tutorial videos, and blog content with 'Shop the Look' options.

Sephora Target Persona
Mock-up blog post with a 'Shop The Style' option at the bottom.
Mock-up social media post encouraging user-generated content.

Sephora Content Marketing Plan

The pieces to the left are some of the content marketing pieces described in the plan.


Video is a huge part of content marketing, and incredibly powerful on social media for user engagement, and shares. In my 3rd year VIDE35 course I created a handful of content marketing videos covering varying topics and sectors to showcase my editing skills using Adobe Premiere. 

Pre-Production: Site surveys, script, and storyboard.

Production: Shooting of the raw footage and collection of required music, sound effects, or graphics.

Post-Production: The editing and mixing of raw footage, sound effects, and graphics using transitions, fades, etc. 

Site Survey.png

Site Survey



About Me

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SOCIAL MEDIA marketing

and content creation services

I have experience developing content for continual series and posts with consistent branding for various social media channels and web applications. I am able to expertly take a business' branding and develop unique but on-brand designs for digital content. I understand how to optimize graphics for different uses (online vs. print) and what sizes work best for different platforms.

The work featured below was created for a variety of clients and employers such as St. Lawrence College's Marketing Department, Broadmind Inc., and Kingston East Business Association.

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