As of April 2021, I am a graduate of the Advertising and Marketing Communications Management advanced diploma program at St. Lawrence College (Kingston, ON). 

The AMC program prepares students for the realm of advertising communications: creative planning, media buying, direct response and digital advertising, public relations, web marketing, e-commerce website development, and content development (graphic design, blogging, video production, audio, etc.). I regularly prepared comprehensive IMC plans for real clients  (St. Larry's Pub, The Jungle YGK, UBU Skills, etc.) that embrace all elements of communications (organic and paid). 

In 2020, I completed my first placement with The City of Kingston - Cultural Services Department where I created and executed three digital marketing campaigns for upcoming shows at The Grand Theatre and a new web-series pilot.

From January to March 2021, I along with two classmates took on Brockville General Hospital as our agency client. I supported Brockville General Hospital through the planning, creation, and executable hand-off of a fully digital comprehensive recruitment campaign to aid in brand awareness, lead generation, and application conversion.
In April 2021, I completed my second placement with Empire Life - Communication Services Department, where I aided the team with digital marketing strategies, content creation (social media, blogs, graphics, etc.), market research, recruitment strategies, event planning, and more. 

Check out my portfolio to review my work!

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