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I have had the opportunity to work for a handful of events and promotion gigs as a Recruiter and Brand Ambassador during my marketing career, here are just a few of them.

From May 2019 - August 2019 I worked as a Student Recruiter for St. Lawrence College where I preformed daily promotion and communication duties for prospect students.

As a Student Recruiter preformed many daily office administration and communications task but I also preformed daily campus tours to groups as big as 25 people where I was able to upset the college and its many innovative features to perspective students and their families.

I have also acted as an SLC brand representative during recruitment and community partnership events such as Kingston Family Fun Fair, Brockville's Tall Ships Festival, Open House, Teachers' Day, College Information Program (CIP) and the Ontario College Information Fair (OCIF) in Toronto, ON.

I was selected as 1 of 7 AMC students to represent our program and college at The Cult Gathering marketing conference in Banff, AB in February 2020. Learn more about how I got selected HERE.

The Gathering of Cult Brands is an annual 3 day marketing conference that takes place at the Fairmont Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta. Each year, 1200+ marketers from around the globe converge to learn from and celebrate with some of the world’s most cult-like brands. 


Based on my past experience working promotional events I was assigned as an Experience Specialist. My mission was to provide a positive and memorable experience for all of The Cult Gathering 2020 attendees.

I was specifically an All Star team member. As an All Star I utilized my diverse set of skills across multiple work positions including Registration Assistant and Flow Expert, where I was the keeper of knowledge for attendees and other team members with questions.


Cult Gathering of The Brands - SLC Volunteers



I had the privilege to be an official St. Lawrence College ‘Brand Ambassador’ at Kingston WritersFest 2019. 

I gave a speech, as a community partner representative, thanking attendees for coming out to the event and for being supporters of the community college. I also introduced guest authors, and keynote speakers of the event.

As a Brand Ambassador I preformed promotions work around Kingston advertising the Brier and spreading Winter Joy on behalf of Brand Heroes. Brand Heroes partnered with CAA to promote the 2020 Tim Hortons Brier. 

My duties included: Hosting experiential street marketing events, celebrating cherished moments of Winter that lighten our spirits during Ontario’s coldest months, nurturing leads for CAA and the 2020 Brier, increasing conversion for the #CAAgiveaway contest, networking with the public, handing out CAA sponsored swag bags, photography and acting for the social media video campaign.



Brand Heroes Logo



In my 3rd year of the AMC program at SLC I took an Event Marketing and Sales Promotion course focusing on the planning and execution of successful events.

The final project in the course is to market and deliver a

3-hour trade show, sponsoring a charity of your choice.

In the past, the trade show event took place in person at St. Lawrence College with booths for attendees to walk around and visit the students representing different charities and learn how they can get involved or donate. With COVID-19, we decided to launch the first virtual trade show online for guests around Canada to join for free, and engage with the students/ charities via educational live streams, live game shows, webpages, videos, personalized charity webpages and more! My partner and I choose to represent Canadian Blood Services, a client we are both passionate and have been involved with in the past, as COVID-19 has caused a massive decline in blood donation across Canada. 

Webpage: Marketing For Good - Canadian Blood Services

Save A Life - How To Book A Donation Appointment

First Time Donor - The Donation Process

Live Webinar Screenshot 1
Live Webinar Screenshot 2

Our live show was streamed on YouTube Live using Streamyard to collaborate remotely with my partner on the presentation. The 3-hour live stream consisted of us going through a live presentation educating our viewers on Canadian Blood Services, their need for donation, how one can figure out if they are eligible to donate, and more. The presentation ended with my partner and I explaining our donation experiences and hosting a live trivia game on Kahoot.

Webinar SM Promo Graphic 1
Webinar SM Promo Graphic 2

We were responsible for advertising our trade show and gaining early attendee registration on the www.marketing4good.ca host website. We ran an organic social media marketing campaign focused on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Stories. Our content consisted of graphic such as the ones above and the videos to the left.

The trade show was hosted on November 26th via www.marketing4good.ca. There were 292 unique visitors, not including hosts or viewers attending through livestream platforms (YouTube Live, Facebook Live, etc.) directly. The average visitor spent 21 minutes on the website, clicking through the different charity pages and attending live shows. 25% of attendants visited every charity page (7 charities in total). Unlike many of our classmates' charities, our trade show goal was not financial donation, but rather driving eligibility test completion and encouraging donation appointment booking so it was a harder metric to track. We received a lot of positive feedback and engagement from our community, strangers and Canadian Blood Services during the advertising of the show, the day of the event, and post-event. Overall, the Canadian Blood Services charity trade show was a success. 

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