2020 Wrap Up

It's New Year's Eve, time to reflect on my 2020 year! 2020 sucked for everyone and many businesses, but not everything that happened was bad. More odd.

I finished off my second to last semester of my college career, in what felt like a blur. Remote learning was a challenge to get accustomed to but not as big of a hurdle as I feared. Luckily my field of studies and work, marketing and communications can be completed remotely with little to no barriers, unlike other sectors. I was excited to have normalcy brought back into my life, with a set class schedule and projects to help fill the spare time social distancing has provided. Oh boy, some of the projects I got to work on this past term were my favourite thus far in my program.

Over the semester, I developed a fully functional e-commerce Shopify website for a fictional fashion box service I created. This project included a full web marketing plan including branding design, content marketing (video production, blogging, etc.), consumer persona, organic and paid ad mockups, and much more. The website included a promo code set-up, Google Analytics integration, and more. To view the project check out the Web Marketing & SEO section of my portfolio.

I recently finished updating my portfolio with school work and professional client work from the past couple of months. To review my work visit my Portfolio homepage to view specific catalogs of work.

Over the last few months, I not only completed schooling remotely but work. My normal in-person student job as Social Media and Communications Assistant for St. Lawrence College's Marketing Department got moved to remote work. This was not a huge hurdle, but the shift to alternate delivery and SLC students being spread across the globe introduced a lot of new work, considerations, and communication tactics to the social media marketing strategy I have developed over the past year and a half in the position. I also was able to work with a few local clients, Broadmind Inc. and Kingston East Business Association, on mini-marketing contracts to aid with their digital marketing strategy and content development. It was incredibly rewarding to work with small businesses in my community and to flex my marketing skills in new sectors outside of SLC. To see some examples of professional work I've completed over the past few months with SLC and other clients view the Social Media Strategy section of my portfolio!

Moving into 2021, I am beginning to prepare my final student work contract with SLC's Marketing Department and the final semester of my college career. My final semester of the AMC program will continue online but will look different than the normal class schedule I got used to over the past 5 terms. In the first half of the semester I, along with my classmates, will run an Ad agency where we assume agency staff roles and devise integrated MarComm campaigns to meet client needs. I am so excited to embark on the journey of agency and dedicate more time than ever before, to one local business to aid in their marketing needs. COVID-19 has shown us more than ever, how important the idea of 'Support Local' is, and how many locally owned businesses are struggling during the pandemic.

In the back-half of the semester, I will complete my second and final work placement. Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to begin information interviews with businesses and organizations I am interested in working with. I am hoping to focus more on communications/ public relations and/ or digital marketing for this placement. This placement will be the final part of my academic journey before graduation in April.

I still miss the in-person interactions with my friends, classmates, and faculty, but feel very fortunate to be in a position where I can learn remotely and work in my field without major hindrances. I am looking forward to embarking on my final semester of college and to the scary/ exciting idea of becoming a full-fledged adult with a full-time job post-graduation.

Here's to 2021, the COVID-19 vaccine, Leslie Jordan for being the true gift of 2020 and the future!


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