Top 5: Tools for Virtual Collaboration

In this post we will review the my top 5 tools perfect for virtual collaboration with teammates during #COVID19.

How do I stay connected and collaborate with my team remotely? This is a question many businesses are struggling with during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Many use the term ‘Social Distancing’ but I prefer the term ‘Physical Distancing’ because there are many ways to stay social and collaborate with others virtually, woohoo! Here are a few tips for how you and your team can stay connected via online tools.


Figure Out Which Virtual Meeting Platforms Work for You Virtual meeting platforms have become essential for the success of businesses during physical distancing to ensure that businesses can continue moving forward.  The hard thing is that there are so many live video call meeting tools out there… so which one should your business go with? Well, good news, most are free and can help connect team members globally.

My top platform picks are the following: 


Microsoft Teams Teams combine instant messaging, video conferencing, calling, and document collaboration into a single, integrated app! Microsoft Teams has also become a very popular tool for schools to connect, and host lessons.  Zoom Zoom is one of the most recent popular choices for virtual meetings and conferences. Zoom offers free and paid plans, but for many, the free plan is easy enough. Their free plan offers consumers unlimited meetings, up to 100 guests, live chat, screen share options, 40-minute time limits to help increase productivity and fun background customization options (one of my favourite features!).  Skype for Business Skype for Business is designed for use by a company, versus the individual (Skype). It includes administrator roles, allows up to 250 people on a single meeting (Skype for individuals only allows up to 25), and has a free Outlook plugin for flawless meeting requests and messaging integration. 


Now, let’s take a look at some of the top free online tools on the market for project collaboration. Google Docs Google Docs is the home of live collaboration on all types of documents (word, spreadsheet, presentations, and more). See live edits being made by your teammates, revert to older document versions, view teammate contribution, and live chat all on one screen. Don’t worry about forgetting to save your projects thanks to the automatic saving feature. *For businesses sharing imagery, Google Albums is another tool you may be interested in! Slack  Slack is a team messaging tool that brings all forms of communication together seamlessly. Slack reduces the need for thumb drive sharing, overused computer storage, and long email threads by allowing users to share projects on a dashboard with a shared view of progress and purpose for all members.  Communication is essential to the longevity of any business and taking steps to improve communication and collaboration lines help keep employees connected and on track. 


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Comment below, what tools are you and your team falling in love with for virtual communications? 

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