New Year, New Drive

2021 has started quite exciting for me. I am officially in the midst of my final semester of the AMC program at St. Lawrence College which means a lot of things are happening. It's the final countdown!

The final semester of the AMC program throws my classmates and I into Agency. MCOM38 A.K.A “Agency” integrates all disciplines of advertising, marketing and communications into one comprehensive Advertising/IMC campaign for a real community client, as we work in small teams as if we were an actual marketing agency. My client is an established and trusted organization that is seeking help with creating new marketing campaign ideas that are innovative to compete against larger competitors. At this time I am keeping my client confidential due to the matter of the campaign and their sector, but hope to talk about the finalized campaign plan later in the semester.

Last term, we were tasked with filling out an ‘Agency Application Form’ where each student identified their top roles for their assigned agency group, along with our top traits and team formation desires. I was open to all agency roles but ended up being selected as an IMC Planner and Copywriter which I am extremely pleased about. I love planning and piecing together a comprehensive story so working as an IMC Planner meets all of those desires and ability to further explore my passion for digital marketing, along with copywriting where I can showcase my passion for writing. These roles paired well with my self-identified top skills of writing, organization, and content creation (digital). For my team formation, I stated that I was very open to working with classmates I had not in the past, and am very happy to say I got a stellar team. We are a small but mighty team, 3 Musketeers Media. The team is comprised of myself, Devlyn Lohnes (Project Manager/ Account Executive) and Camryn Smith (IMC Planner/ Digital). Lohnes and Smith are respectively both incredibly strong marketers and creative individuals that I had not had the privilege of working with in the past but so happy to do so. We are a very open and honest team, and so far have only had a great chummy time collaborating on a client we are all proud to work for. Agency can be a very stressful thing for AMC students, but so far our team has felt incredibly lucky to feel minor stress or anxiety, as we all fully trust one another to tackle our project enthusiastically and with determination. Our client campaign is a fully digital marketing campaign paired with positive brand image development.

This final term of my program also involves opportunity for career prep and readiness with the opportunity to improve upon my website and existing Portfolio, along with completing any certifications that intrigue me. With website updates currently in progress, you may see some things looking different over the new few weeks but fear not, greatness is coming! Certifications completed will be added to my Certifications & Awards page. For certifications I am deep diving into the world of Google as a marketing tool with the #GoogleSearch and the #GoogleAnalytics certifications. The power I will possess after completing these certifications… oh, you just wait…

In mid-March I will commence my final student work placement. The purpose of field placement is to provide students like myself opportunity to work with employers and supervisors in any area of marketing communications, so that we can experience the realities of the workplace for one final time before convocation. I am very pleased, and feel very lucky to say that I will be completing my final field placement remotely with Empire Life. This is a very exciting step for me as the insurance and investment field is one I am quite unfamiliar with, providing me with a new and exciting challenge to put my marcom skills to the test for a brand new sector and target market, I have not worked for in the past.

Early April will bring me to the end of my final student work contract for St. Lawrence College’s Marketing Department as their Social Media & Communications Assistant. This is honestly very sad, as I am going to miss working for the college. I have grown to love working for, representing and being an active community member within the college, as I have worked for the college since the Summer after my first year. As I am winding down the last few months of my contract, I am collaborating with the Marketing team to execute some of the college’s biggest marketing campaigns of the year, along with planning, creating and shedding as much social media content as I can for the remainder of the Winter 2021 term and for the future Spring/ Summer 2021 term to aid with the process of handing off my position to a new student employee. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with the people I have, and to learn so much from multiple mentors.

I am fired up and ready to end my journey at SLC with a bang! Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates and topic deep dives!


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