"Returning" to School

September is fast approaching and with that comes the return to school for many of us, whether that be in person, a hybrid approach, or solely through distance learning.

I will be continuing my studies remotely, which brings its challenges with courses where I would normally be in labs for, but overall I am happy to continue my studies with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 spread. I am excited to have normalcy brought back into my life, with a set class schedule and projects to help fill the spare time social distancing has provided.

Like many students returning to post-secondary this Fall, I am faced with uncertainty. Typically, during Summer break, I pick up a second job on top of my Social Media and Communications Assistant position to save money to help pay for college, bills and save for future plans but was unable to do so this Summer due to the pandemic. I had been seriously considering going abroad for a year after graduating from St. Lawrence College to earn my Bachelors's Degree in Ireland but now due to my financial situation and the global pandemic, I do not know how feasible this plan is anymore. I hope to pick up a second job during the academic year yet I know the competition is higher and more fierce than ever with many others who have lost their jobs or faced hour cuts, like myself.

I am also curious about how the pandemic and remote learning will be viewed by employers in the near future. Will employers value my education less than others who graduated previously with all in-person teaching? Will they seek out adaptive graduates that are tech-savvy and able to work remotely successfully with ease? I am not sure, but I hope fellow students in my year are viewed as adaptive and a group that can overcome unprecedented challenges.

I will miss the in-person interactions with my friends, classmates, and faculty, but feel very fortunate to be in a position where I can learn remotely. I am also very lucky to be in the marketing communications field, as it is a field where remote work positions can thrive. I look forward to how our education system and workforce will continue to adapt to the possible "new normal" life of remote work.

Here's to the adapters! Let's continue to conquer all of these new challenges with grace.


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